Ashley and Chris's Wedding at The Abbey

This past weekend I had the privilege to help photograph Ashley and Chris’s wedding. Yes, I was there only as a second shooter but that is one of the things I love to do the most. I love working with other wedding photographers. It keeps me on my toes, challenges me to learn new things and to see the wedding differently. Plus, I provide a different point of view to the story of the day.

You know what they say “Practice makes perfect… and nothing’s perfect.”

Frankly, I just love the work. I love being the dynamic feeling of a wedding. I love the narratives, the quirks, the love, the nervousness, and the electric energy of the day. That and some weddings are just cool to be at. The couple, the weird uncle, the emotions, the cool locations, etc. One of those amazing San Diego locations is The Abbey … and it’s is really really awe.some. I had never been and much less shot a wedding reception there but goodness gracious… what a gorgeous location. The ceremony was across the street at St-Paul’s Cathedral.

I was to photograph the boys getting ready plus any other story I saw happening the day of. You know I don’t usually do posed portraits, but research and inspiration the day of helped pull it off.