Document your life’s story

Document your wedding

In an age where it's sometimes hard to differentiate between social media and reality, I strive for authenticity and intimacy every time I pick up the camera. I think it's important. And because I want your wedding and family photographs and albums to become your legacy. The goal is to create something that will stand the test of time. I photograph weddings and families because they are amazing story telling vehicles and because they are a reflection of you. This is not a gimmick; this is your life’s story. I want your children to be able to see what their parents were like when they were young. I want you to remember how quirky and funny your kids were when they were toddlers.

During weddings, I want to photograph your story and give you the experience from the perspective of one of your guests.  I move around, I observe, and I document. After all is said and done and the wedding or that day one in your life is a memory, you will get pictures that will take you right back to that moment in time because it's your wedding, your life and you should get to enjoy it without a photographer to boss you around. 

Antoine is a true artist! He has mastered the art of storytelling through photography. Our wedding photographs are not your average cookie cutter formal pics; they tell a story that unfolds with each chapter, capturing real moments in time. Thank you Antoine. We are so happy to have met you and are excited to have you as our family photographer for the rest of our lives!
— Lorenzo B.