My first Quinceañera; at Balboa Park no less!

My first and my last… if I have anything to say about it. for 2 reasons mainly:

1, because I’m 42 and I don’t have the Benjamin Button syndrome and therefore I cannot go back in time.

and 2, more importantly, because I am not a 15 year old girl.

With that said… I’ll do Quinceañeras any day of the week. THAT was fun! Mainly because I am not used to it and I really wanted to try my hand at traditional portraiture! and again, it does not get more traditional than a good quinceañera at Balboa Park; and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that I might add. If that’s what the young lady wants, that’s what the young lady gets!! lol.

YES… me… the documentary photography guy… posed portraits. I’m sure more than one of y’all will have a conniption about it. HA!

I love me a great portrait but, if I choose to be a documentary photographer for people, it does not mean that I cannot or won’t do portraits. It just means that I am better at the story telling.

What do you think?