Lensbaby Sol45: The enemy of perfection, the ally of creativity

This is my best friend, my brother. He’d hate for me to say this. He’s a private guy. I’d like to tell you we had an immediate friendship but I’d be lying. We were in our mid-twenties then and when we were introduced to each other, I knew I wanted to know the man but to this day… I’m surprised how important his friendship is to me.

So, when he said he was coming to visit (all the way from Spain), I immediately thought “he’s not escaping my house without a concept studio session.”

What was the concept? Getting to the complexity and the straightforwardness of his personality. He is a guarded person. Alvaro is a lone wolf type. He has deep love for people that lets in but he’s not a person that needs to have people around constantly. He’s alone; just not lonely. Give him a good book and you won’t hear from him for several hours. He’s also a politics geek and one of the smartest people I know… not always but most of the time. ;)

When we are together we talk about art, politics, feminism and make lots and lots of dick jokes… we also have Monty Python level humor (take it as you wish). Basically, we oscillate between 15 year olds and 40 year olds.

I love the dude and I wanted to put all of that in those photos. I even bought a special lens for this: The lensbaby Sol45. And BOY! did it deliver or what!? I was really curious to try this lens in the studio and had only received it a week prior. Yes, it is a difficult lens to use but when it works, it WORKS! I had been eyeing one for a good long time and finally pulled the trigger and I am not disappointed with the results.

Check out my lens Baby!