A most wonderful 50th birthday party

I am your Palm Springs Family Documentary photographer.

No worries, I am not moving from San Diego anytime soon but I feel fancy and uber glamour saying that.

moving on…

My friend Monica, an amaaaaaazing macro photographer turned 50 a few months ago and she decided to celebrate it in style: renting a house in Palm Springs for herself, her partner and her friends. Nice… and I was along for the ride. Whaaaaaaat!?

I loved being there for my friend, loved that she trusted me to shoot her birthday party and loved the party. Even the drive to Palm Springs from San Diego is fantastic. it was a nice day in SoCal, so I was able to drive with the windows down and Prince blasting the entire time. I had a great time with this wonderful group of people coming from all over to be with their friend.

Here are a few of my favorite shots: