A very special giveaway

So, it’s my birthday in a couple of days… no no… no need for the customary happy birthdays… and I thought: “what can I do to mark this in my business?” Other than go cry in the darkest corner of my garage because I’m getting old and and little kids call me “Mister.”

I decided to make a whole thing out of it… I’m gonna embrace my 42 years of existence and be done with it.


I’m giving away a FREE WEDDING!

Yes, I went there. What’s included?

  • 3 hours of documentary photography style coverage

  • An online gallery of all your photos.

  • Need more time? Are you outside of San Diego County? Let’s talk about it.

That’s right… you have the chance to win a wedding, shot by me.


I’m not gonna give you the whole: “how does he do it!?” and the “How can I get you into this gorgeous used luxury sedan today?” type of deal. Frankly, I just want to do something special for a couple that’s getting married.

All you have to do is tell me your story in the comment section of this blog post. Let me know why you or the friend you are nominating deserves this. You want to increase your chances to win? enter the giveaway. You have 2 weeks from March 28!!

How do you register to win this? You have a few options BUT 2 are mandatory:

  • register for my newsletter

  • comment on THIS blog post and tell me your story. I want to know why you should get this.

You can get more entries and more chances to win if you:

  • comment on the blog

  • like my facebook page

  • follow me on Instagram

  • follow me on YouTube

  • etc.

We good? May the force be with you.