Being interviewed by Cindy Matalucci for Wine Wednesdays

As I mentioned in my newsletter… oh yes, I have a newsletter and judging by the feedback I’m getting, it’s pretty amazing. No biggy. :D… But I digress.

So anyways, I mentioned in that “famous” newsletter that I was interviewed by my friend Cindy. She’s the creator and host of The Pulse, a local TV show that caters to everything San Diego. They talk about up-and-coming companies, people doing important and interesting stuff in our gorgeous city as well as a bunch of other stuff. They’re great. Love’em.

In the age of the podcast where raw honesty and openness is the law of the land, they are venturing into a new thing: doing long form interviews of interesting people in a slightly less polished version of their show. It’s pretty great I gotta say… I mean, I was on it after all. HA! ;)

Jokes aside, seeing myself on TV was cringe worthy for sure. It’s awkward, I look/was nervous and I have to live up to the invitation. After all, they are doing a whole episode about me and I HAVE to be interesting… otherwise, why am I on? Sooo, no pressure.

I relaxed after a while… there WAS wine involved. In the end, I think I did not embarrass myself. Pfffiu!

Watch it here

The Pulse Wine Wednesdays Episode 3 with local entrepreneur Antoine Didienne. Cindy & Antoine talk about Antoine moving here from France, making the transition in his career to a professional photographer, and the truth about what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Antoine Didienne of 147Photos is an award winning wedding and family documentary photographer.