dad entertains Dylan who wants to learn to cook... jsut like his mom does.

dad entertains Dylan who wants to learn to cook... jsut like his mom does.

This page is here to answer the questions you might have about what this documentary photography business is, and why I shoot how I shoot.

Why I shoot how I shoot

As you might know from my About Me page, I started photography shooting what I knew, my family. From the get go, I wanted to record our lives by catching the tiny fleeting moments that make life with my family 100% worth having one.

I quickly realized that I preferred to capture real, intimate and honest moments of life rather than posing my kids and get them in their most favorable pose. Taking a photo of my youngest stuck under a chair while my oldest is getting mad at me because I am laughing while taking the photo is much more fun than taking a photo of them in their Sunday clothing flashing a toothy grin. There are absolute moments of beauty in everyday life and we are so busy looking our best on social media that we forget how precious these fleeting moments are. With the crazy lives we live, we often forget how special it is to have a family with their own traditions, weird rules and quirks that we create for ourselves inside of our homes. I personally find great beauty in the mundanity of our lives. 

Documentary Photography

That's why my photography style naturally developed from street photography and photojournalism. Both of these types of photography aim to report on life and say something meaningful about it. I see reportage through a lens and I see truth inside a frame. It is raw, it is emotion, it is a story within four corners.

Although not exclusively by far, that's also why I shoot a lot in black in white. The photographers I have admired since I started creating photos, the old masters I learned from gave me a real appreciation for the moody, emotional and contrasty pictures that black and white frames create. It adds drama and often binds the elements within the frame... all of it helping to create the story.

What comes out from photographing with love and care for the story

Please take a look at the gallery right under this paragraph to get a beautiful examples of what I do as a storyteller. 

As a personal project, I took photographs of my daughter over the span of several months as I observed her growing up doing amazing, goofy and mundane things because I wanted to turn routine into art... and frankly because I have the most amazing subject right under my nose. I cared about my subject and I worked hard to serve the story I saw in front of my eyes.  

I won my first award thanks to these photos and I want you to have award winning photos hanging in your home.